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    Coating line - valve coating drying line design
    2015/3/13 Read in:[2689]
    Coating line - valve coating drying line design

    Valve coating spray paint room structure characteristics

    1. The spray paint room is muti_function, through type water spray paint room, used in air, the mixed gas, high-pressure airless spray paint construction, reasonable design mature technology, stable performance.

    2. The assembled structure, beautiful appearance, in accordance with the man-machine engineering. The structure USES the international popular design of tank plate combination type explosion-proof lighting lamps and lanterns, exhaust fan will be occurring in the process of spray paint fog limited in a certain area and processing, coating line to prevent the spread of paint mist to other locations of the workshop. Water paint spraying indoor equipped with explosion-proof lighting.

    3. The coating line of spray paint the room the light is enough, can clearly observe the workpiece coating, there is enough space, facilitate operators in spray paint interior artifacts of any need to spray paint.

    4. Water is mainly composed of Chambers in spray-paint room, storage tank, water filtering device, exhaust device, lighting parts, etc.

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