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    The coating technology and coating mechanical characteristics and the development of our country
    2015/3/13 Read in:[2677]
    The coating technology and coating mechanical characteristics and the development of our country

    With the development of our economy, and the development of coating technology abroad, through technology introduction and coating technologies in China and foreign technical exchanges began to rapid development. In terms of coating automatic production, electrostatic spraying and electrophoresis paint technology popularization and application, development and popularization of the technology of powder coating, especially our country home appliance industry, daily hardware, steel furniture, aluminum components, electrical appliances, automobile industry of booming development, make the painting career has made obvious progress, also appeared in the coating production line of intelligent spraying robot, all this represents the rise of the coating machinery industry.

    In the process of coating machinery industry rapid development, the development of coating production line in China has experienced by hand to production line, to the development of the automatic production line. Coating machine is established on the basis of the coating and the rapid development of the industry, with the development of industrial technology, the coating has been developed from the manual to develop in the direction of industrial automation, and the degree of automation is higher and higher, so the application of the coating production line is becoming more and more widely, and go deep into the fields of national economy.

    Coating machinery industry to meet the demand of the development of national economic sectors, continuous self-improvement, development, has made great progress, product, quality, variety, quantity, technical equipment level had the very big enhancement. Coating industry of the future development direction and the goal is to further meet the needs of national economic development, mainly to reduce pollution, energy conservation and emissions reduction, improve the process, improve the decorative and protective coating, functionality, and coating equipment and automated generalization and seriation of direction.

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